FoodAuthent – Partner and Advisory Board - FoodAuthent – Partner and Advisory Board

FoodAuthent – Partner and Advisory Board

FoodAuthent – Partner and Advisory Board

The project partners come from the areas of food analysis, food trade, software development, data mining and standardization.

Partners of the joint project are GS1 Germany GmbH (Project Coordination), benelog GmbH & Co. KG, German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), Eurofins Analytik GmbH, Lablicate GmbH and the Department of Computer Science and Information Science at the University of Konstanz.



Logo Benelog

Benelog GmbH & Co. KG

The IT integration service provider has comprehensive and field-proven know-how in the areas of highly complex, scalable, cloud-based systems and big data processing. The benelog GmbH & Co. KG i.a. is involved in the conception, realization and operation of the GS1 EPCIS 1.1 and fTRACE implementation and will, in particular, contribute their experience to the NoSQL / Schemaless databases and the EPCIS 1.1 standard for the reference implementation for the provision of the analysis data obtained.

Logo BfR

German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment

"Recognizing risks - protecting health"- this is how the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has overwritten its work on consumer health protection. The institute was established in November 2002 and is the scientific institution of the Federal Republic of Germany, which prepares expert opinions and statements on questions of food and feed safety as well as the safety of chemicals and products. BfR is part of the business area of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). In its scientific evaluation and research, it is independent.

Logo Eurofins

Eurofins Analytik GmbH

Eurofins Analytik GmbH is part of the globally operating Eurofins Group and offers chemical and biological analyzes as well as expert advice for food, feed, non-food products and pet food. Eurofins has been developing methods for authenticating foods using 1H NMR for several years, i.a. for coffee, tea, olive oil and fish oil.

Logo GS1

GS1 Germany GmbH

In particular, the standardization organization brings in its expertise and solutions in the areas of traceability and data transfer: With F-Trace, the wholly owned subsidiary F-Trace GmbH offers a neutral platform for lot-specific traceability of products, which ensures a transparent and secure value chain. Its components include the data exchange format EPCIS, which enables companies to track objects along the value chain and to communicate events.

Logo Lablicate

Lablicate GmbH

Lablicate GmbH implements innovative software solutions for its customers, both in industry and in the fields of research and development, which enable user-friendly and automated evaluation and processing of measurement data. Lablicate offers i.a. with "OpenChrom" a manufacturer- and operating system independent analysis software for various chromatographic and mass spectrometric application areas, which is adapted to customer needs in the respective needs and also maintained as a free open-source version and made available.

Logo Uni Konstanz

Universität Konstanz

The Chair of Bioinformatics and Information Mining at the University of Konstanz has long experience in extracting knowledge from large, heterogeneous data sources. Thus, the University of Konstanz contributes significantly to the data analysis in order to answer the question of food authenticity. The methods used and developed are easily utilized by the open-source data analysis platform KNIME.

Advisory Board members

Dr. Thomas Kuballa, Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Office (CVUA) Karlsruhe
Prof. Dr. Franz Ulberth, Joint Research Centre
Prof. Dr. Christoph Steinbeck, Friedrich-Schiller-University