The project FoodAuthent - The project FoodAuthent

The project FoodAuthent

The project FoodAuthent

Product authenticity in foods - Development of a system for the collection, analysis and exploitation of product authenticity data in the food sector.

The research project FoodAuthent creates framework conditions and incentives to use fingerprinting procedures routinely. These serve to document and prove the authenticity of food.

The proposed system should enable the gathering, analysis and exploitation of chemical "fingerprints" of food, thus providing proof of the authenticity of food. For this purpose, cooperatively usable, cloud-based food fingerprinting databases are set up and linked to open-source data analysis procedures and batch-specific product information.




What is FoodAuthent?

  • Application

    • Enable authentication of food
    • Improve quality assurance
    • Increase transparency
  • Standardized fingerprinting analyzes

    • Data standards
    • Process standards
    • Open source data analysis software
    • Spectroscopic analysis methods
  • Database

    • Raw / measured data
    • Classification models
    • Metadata
  • Cloud computing

    • Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS)
    • Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)
    • Discovery Services


  • Use of fingerprinting analysis in the food sector: Creating foundations and incentives for routine use
  • Demonstrate proof of the authenticity of food: Use of analytical fingerprints to prove regional origin (FoodRegio-Detect) and absence of adulteration (FoodFraud-Detect)
  • Improve analytics: Direct fast tests for the chemical analysis and evaluation of selected food groups (hard cheese, seed oils and spirits)